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Above our Shop Plan on two floors

We require for purchase all types of books, from paperbacks to complete libraries. We are particularly interested in purchasing specialist collection on any topic. Our aim is to give an absolutely fair offer, based on the resale values we can achieve in our high street shop.

Alternatively, we are happy to give you our valuation on a rare book, or a rare book collection. You can do this by email, telephone, or letter, but far and away the best thing is to bring the book, or books, in. This is free service. We try and get back to you in two or three days.

Current Wants, either pb or hb, include........

1. Allingham, Margery

2. Attwell, Mabel Lucy (anything..books, cards, ephemera…)

3. Austin, Jane (“Persuasion”…many pbs or hbs…others titles only with nicer or older bindings pls…...).

4. B.B. (Denys Watkins-Pitchford).

5. Bannerman., Beningfield, Gorden (Signed Only pls).

6. Biggles. (all…hbs or pbs…)….. Johns, W.E. (all).

7. Blake, William (anything on or by)

8. Blyton…..Famous Five. Noddy, Far Away Tree only pls ……

9. Brent-Dyer, Elinor.

10. Buckeridge, Anthony. Jennings.

11. Churchill (all…)

12. Conan Doyle (all….)

13. Coelho, Paulo

14. Cook, Beryl (anything..books, posters, cards, jig saw puzzles…).

15. Christie, Agatha. All Hb's & Pb's please.

16. du Maurier, Daphne

17. Ende, Michael (especially “Momo” titles…).

18. Fleming, Ian

19. Fowles, John … (FLW, Journals, Magus, Aristos, only...but all non-fiction pls...e.g., The Tree, Shipwreck….)

20. Freud, Jung, Adler, Maslow, Popper, Wittgenstein,

21. Greene, Graham.

22. Grey Owl. Anything by, or on….

23. Hassell, Sven

24. Hesse, Hermann

25. Heyer, Georgette (50p paid for pbs in bulk….)

26. Kellerman, Faye

27. Kellerman, Jonathan

28. Leonard, Elmore

29. McBain, Ed.

30. Milligen, Spike

31. O’Brien, Patrick

32. Pevsners (any….).

33. Potter, Beatrix

34. Powys Brothers (all….)

35. Pratchett, Terry

36. Rampa, Lobsang.

37. Rankin, Ian

38. Rupert….all.

39. Shute, Neville

40. Simenon.

41. Simmonds, Posy

42. Street, A.G.

43. Thesiger

44. Wodehouse…pbs/ Hbs.

45. Upfield, Arthur (crime).

Please also offer anything on, or related to, any of the following topics and authors: Adult pbs, Art Posters, Bookplates, Beryl Cook, Billy Bunter, Bicycling, Boat Building, Canal Interest, Chess, Clocks & Watches, Coursing, Crossword Puzzle Solving, Crowley, Dictionaries (unusual or obscure…), Erotica, Falconry, Field Sports, Film Posters, Fishing, Greek & Latin texts..(lexicons, bibles, theology…anything about Greek & Latin language), Gypsies, Hitler & Gestapo, Homeopathy, Hundertwasser, Hunting, I Ching, Inland Waterways & Canals, Jennings, Korans, Lyme Regis (anything…), Marcus Aurelius (Meditations/The Golden Book), Martial Arts, Masonic Books, Mechanical Music, Mein Kampf, Miniature Music Scores, Observer Books (complete only..with DW, where issued…)., Occult Topics, Origami, Original Artwork, Penguin Modern Painters, Recitations (e.g., Stanley Holloway), Romans (anything by/on), Rubaiyats, Secret Societies, Shooting, Vellum Bindings, Videos, Just William, Yoga related.


Our Shop on New Years Day 2016. Photo courtesy Ana-Maria and Vlad Simion. Click here for our HOME PAGE.

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