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Ex Libris Erotici....Art Gems in Miniature
"Magisches Theater! Eintritt nicht fur jedermann!"
Hermann Hesse. "Steppenwolf". 1927.

Five examples below from our extensive collections and all offered at £24.00 each, post free anywhere (enquiries email: art@lyme-regis.com). Each bookplate will be sent mounted and framed.
1. Bookplate of Myra Rhebergen by H. Ilgentritz. No. 166. 2. Ex Libris W. K. de Bruin. Lithography by Benes Karel. No. 22 of 100 only. Lower three Images: 3. Ex Libris V.L. Kohout. Artist unknown. 4. Ex Libris Rethy Istvan. Artist Fritz Kuhn. 5. Ex Libris Fabien Belling. No. 68 of 70 only.

Image: Ex Libris Erotici.

Image: Ex Libris Erotici

Below. Just In!  One Copy Only. In Italian & Scarce.

Image: Ex Libris Erotici.

Anyone interested in researching these bookplates could do no better than consult "Ex Libris Erotici" (above). Savelli Editori. 1982 Milano (in Italian). Although now scarce, this production gives an extraordinary insight into these miniature works of art. Roberto Palazzi edits this unique 100 page collection: "Antologia grafica da Von Bayros, Martini, fino ai giorni nostri.....".

And below...we have...

Image: Histoire d'O. Pauline Reage

Edition: Tchou, Paris, 1968

Sixteen full page illustrations (12 in colour) and black-and-white sketches by Léonor Fini Fine copy in original gold paper-covered boards, stamped in red and black

In French. £95.00. SOLD

[Histoire d'O is an erotic novel first appearing in 1954 by French author Anne Desclos under the pseudonym Pauline Réage, and first published in French by Jean-Jacques Pauvert]. N.B. Desclos did not reveal herself as the author until forty years after the initial publication. Desclos claims she wrote the novel as a series of love letters to her lover Jean Paulhan.

                                                                                     Below...one of twenty-four copies only...this copy "S".

Image: Austin Osman Spare Axiomata.

For a biography of Austin Osman Spare..click here...

[004391] Spare, Austin Osman (Robert Ansell edits). “Axiomata” & “The Witches' Sabbath”. London: Fulgur, 1992. Both Firsts Thus. Dated 1992, this copy mint (as new), bound in black vellum gilt, in black DW gilt, in black slip case, and still with original 1992 white tissue wrapping! One of 26 alphabetically named copies only for UK distribution. This copy "S" for "Self-Love". This copy signed by by the four editors including Robert Ansell. "Axiomata" 22 pp. "The Witches Sabbath" 20 pp, bound together and text inverted (as published). Two coloured frontispieces tipped in. Preface, pp ix to xii, "The Witches' Sabbath" by Ramsey Dukes, and that for "Axiomata" by Robert Ansell. All edges gilt. Fulgur bookmark with red silk tie (and noting several errata). Two photos of A. O. S. loosely inserted. A superb production by Robert Ansell, a leading authority on the life of Spare, and rare in this condition. Jpg images and further information with pleasure.

£1,250.00. SOLD.

Image: Lynne Nude...

Those readers interested in a combination of modern original artwork, humour and the occasional gentle eroticism might enjoy taking a look at our sister website...click here....all original artwork there from George & Lynne in The Sun Newspaper is now on sale @ 15.00 and 25.00 each for each strip. The thing to remember about George and Lynne is that they don't smoke, or do drugs...but...phew, the Central Heating...it's turned up so high......


Just in! "Storia Illustrata de l'Ex Libris Erotico" by Remo Palmirani. Robin Edizioni. Rome. 1998. 112 pp. 62 Illustrations. Mint Copy.

Image: My recent Shop pht....

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