Can Anybody help....?


Image: Everest Collage.

Posted above is a Christmas Card dated 1924. It was sent by a member of the third, and tragic, British Mount Everest Expedition, led by Edward Norton, with George Mallory as lead climber. The card is signed "From The Mt. Everest Expedition 1924".
Can anyone identify the handwriting, shown enlarged below?
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Image: Everest Team Inscription.

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Lady Duff Gordon's original 1932 biography "Discretions and Indiscretions" is exceedingly rare (see below). Currently (August 2017) several copies offered... at prices up to £650.00.

Image: Duff Bookplate.

Our copy bears an intriguing Bookplate
"To E from G"
all symmetric about the letter "V".
Can anybody help identify who this is from, and who this is to...?


Image: Unknown Book Plate

On the far left is a Book Plate we are trying to identify. It comes from a 1924 publication "Piccadilly Leicester Square and Soho" by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford. Cambridge University Press.

Who is "B. B."..?
Who is the artist?

Alongside two book plates similar in style (Russian Futurist..?).

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